Nirjon Nibash

House: 63/4, Bangalgach, Fakir Salahuddin Road, Gazipur Gazipur, Bangladesh.Cell: +88 01708 515587, Email :

Place Rent

Rent for Full Resort:

You can Rent our Full Resort for your picnic party, Birthday Party, Gaye Holud or any Traditional occasion. You can arrange the program for maximum 200 people easily.
In this resort you can get the following facilities:

  1. The Resort is under Gazipur City Corporation.
  2. There are 6 Large Room with attached bath and in every room there will be two bed, sofa, center table, LED TV, AC, Large Varanda and smoking zone.
  3. One Large Conference Room with maximum 40 person sitting.
  4. One separate Dining Room with 30 person sitting arrangement for buffet.
  5. Nicely arranged B.B.Q Location with sitting arrangement.
  6. 3 Large Playing field with separate kids playing zone and badminton playing zone.
  7. Luxurious Villa for taking rest and full refreshment.
  8. Highly secured place with full wall boundary the whole resort so that no one can entrance without permission of our full time care taker.
  9. Separate Football and cricket play ground.
  10. Full resort is organize with the flower gardens and the natural tree.
  11. Resort is full neat and clean
  12. Full resort is taking care with our full time care taker
  13. This is beside the main road of Joydebpur to Pubail and only 10 minutes distance from Joydebpur Railway Station or Main city of Gazipur so it is easy to come and move from Nirjon Nibash to any where you want to go.
  14. Roads are fully furnished.
  15. Mosque and Market is 2 Minutes distance from our Resort.
  16. Separate car parking facility with boundary wall (maximum 15-20 private care or micro bus)
  17. And more a lot…..

Rent for Shooting:

You can rent the resort for shooting with above full facilities. Please contact with us.